Background: The purpose of this prospective, randomized clinical trial was to investigate the level and intensity of patients` pain and discomfort, and to compare between the use of Bite Wafer and Paracetamol in reducing pain and discomfort associated with initial orthodontic tooth movement in both adolescents and adults.

Results: The peak of pain was occurred in the first day and declined gradually till totally disappeared at the sixth day after initial arch wire placement. A marked reduction of pain intensity was noticed in both adolescents and adults groups, using Bite Wafer, from the first to the sixth day which is much higher than Paracetamol group especially in adolescents. No gender differences (P>0.05) was noticed in this study.

Conclusions: Although both Bite Wafer and Paracetamol reduced pain gradually, Bite Wafer reduced pain more obviously and safely in comparison to Paracetamol especially in adolescents.

Orthodontics, Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, 2012, 24(3), 122-128
Hayder Fadhil Saloom

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