Objective: To determine patient experience of pain during treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances, expectations of pain during debond and whether biting on a soft acrylic wafer during debond decreases pain experience.

Results: Biting on an acrylic wafer significantly reduced the pain experienced when debonding the posterior teeth (P≤0.05). Thirty-nine per cent found the lower anterior teeth the most painful. The expected pain was significantly greater than that actually experienced (P≤0.0001). Greater pain during treatment correlated with increased expectations and increased actually experienced pain (P≤0.0001).

Conclusions: Biting on a soft acrylic wafer during debond of the posterior teeth reduces the pain experienced. The lower anterior teeth are the most painful. The pain expected is significantly greater than actually experienced. Patients who had greater pain during treatment expected and experienced greater pain at debond.

Journal of Orthodontics, 2013, 40, 188-196
Louise A. R. Mangnall, Thomas Dietrich, John M. Scholey

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